Duxford Advent Trust

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We  have two red and white

commercial grade pop-up gazebos

(each 3m x 4.5m) available for loan.

We ask for a returnable deposit,

otherwise hire is free to any any 

organised Duxford club or society, although a donation

towards their maintenance  will always be very welcome.  They are also available for private events, although a small charge (towards maintenence/replacement)  is made for this.

Repair of Duxford's parish clock

In just under a year the appeal to 

repair the  tower clock (at St Peter's)

to working order has raised over

£17,000.  This includes a recent

Sharing Heritage grant from the

Heritage Lottery Fund that now

enables both the full restoration of the clock (including the long-silenced hour strike) and help to share this work, and the heritage of St Peter's and its clock, with the Duxford community.  The restored clock will be dedicated on the centenary of the Armistice on Sunday 11 November 2018.  In the meantime keep an eye on the clock's web and facebook pages for news of heritage sharing activities this summer!



2018 grant news

In 2018 we have been pleased to offer a grant to the Whittlesford and Duxford Scout Group towards the purchase of GPS tracking devices.  This will enable the scout group to teach orienteering skills without the risk of lost children!

The remit of the Duxford Advent Trust is to support community projects or  group ventures that enhance quality of life in the Village. If you have a good idea that might fit this bill, please contact us with details.